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10 Ways That Extroverts Can Survive the Social Distancing of COVID-19

Ways That Extroverts Can Survive the Social Distancing of COVID-19

An extrovert is someone who feels energized by spending time around other people. Right about now, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, most people are experiencing a case of cabin fever and are missing their friends and family who they are not able to spend time with right now. Below are some ways that extroverts can handle this time of social distancing while continuing to have their social needs met.

1.) Try to continue with your routines with your loved ones using technology. If prior to the Coronavirus you and your best friend met for coffee at your local coffee shop every Friday, then continue to have your coffee dates every Friday, but do it virtually. You and your best friend can both make coffee from the comfort of your home and then use video technology over your phones or computers to see each-other and catch up. By continuing to carrying out your routines to the extent possible, your life will feel less disrupted.

2.) Find group activities that can be done virtually. For example, you and your friends can all log into Zoom on a Saturday evening with your glasses of wine to catch up and talk about how your week went.

3.) Try out virtual games. There are so many games that can be played virtually such as Fortnite, Bingo, or Call of Duty. By playing these virtual games with your friends, there is still a sense of connectedness maintained during this time of social distancing.

4.) Host a watch party or virtual movie night. You and your friends can all watch the same movie at the same time, but from different locations.

5.) Host a virtual book club. You and your friends can all order an agreed upon book and read a new chapter of the book each week and then meet virtually at an agreed upon day and time of the week to discuss that week’s chapter. Bible Study groups can also be done this way.

6.) If you’re someone who feels most energized on Sundays by going to church, hearing a sermon, and then socializing with your church friends after, then you can begin to attend church virtually. Most churches are now streaming their services live over the internet. Most churches are also hosting virtual small groups so you can still stay connected with your friends from church.

7.) Do virtual workouts. Many people like to go to the gym with a workout buddy and get their socializing in this way. While gyms are not open at this time, many gyms and trainers are offering virtual workouts right now so you and your work out buddy can still workout “together” while at different locations.

8.) Make use of group chats. Group chats are a great way to stay connected all day long. You can share thoughts, pictures, encouragement, jokes, memes, etc.. through out the day with your closest friends and family in a text message group chat.

9.) Stay connected through social media. On social media many fun games have been going around as a way to stay connected. You can also read and see the most up to date posts from your loved ones and feel connected with them as they share their moments.

10.) Last but not least, practice being okay with extended alone time. Try a new hobby or activity that can be done alone such as meditating, knitting, journaling, or reading.

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