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Clay Community Counseling

The owner and founder of Clay Community Counseling is Michelle Fiallo. Ever since Michelle was a little girl, she has had a heart for helping others and her mother would tell her that one day she would grow up and she would get a job helping people. It turns out she was right!


After High School, Michelle got her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from George Mason University and then got her first professional job helping low income families obtain food stamps, cash assistance, and Medicaid. Michelle did very well at this job and was quickly promoted to a supervisor position. As a supervisor, Michelle would receive the escalated client calls after clients were denied for benefits. The clients would often cry and open up to Michelle about their current struggles. This lit a fire in Michelle and she decided she wanted to be able to help people in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Michelle decided to go back to school and got her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. After graduating, she got a job as a counselor where she got licensed as a Mental Health Counselor as well as certified as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Once again, she did very well and was promoted to a supervisor position. Shortly after her promotion to supervisor, she was promoted to a manager position, managing over multiple behavioral health teams.


While Michelle loved being a manager and getting to lead, encourage, and help staff grow; she also missed doing what she loved the most: counseling. So Michelle decided to start up Clay Community Counseling so she could get back to her passion of helping others through counseling. With her passion and experience, Michelle is really making a difference in the community.

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Meet Ashley. Ashley has been with Clay Community Counseling for a little over a year now. Ashley is a dedicated professional with a lifelong passion for helping others. Her journey into the field of psychology began at a young age, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives.


After completing high school, Ashley pursued her academic aspirations and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from George Mason University. Upon relocating to Florida, Ashley embraced the role of an Adolescent Case Manager. In this capacity, she played a crucial role in facilitating mental health services and advocating for children and their families. Her commitment to improving the well-being of young minds and their support systems became evident through her work.


While Ashley found immense fulfillment in her role as a Case Manager, she yearned to deepen her impact. Motivated by this drive, she made the decision to further her education. Ashley successfully earned a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Marriage and Family from Jacksonville University. During her master’s program, Ashley extended her expertise to working with adults and their families undergoing treatment for inpatient and outpatient substance use disorders. This experience proved to be enlightening and enjoyable, solidifying her commitment to the mental health field.


Eager to integrate her diverse experiences and reach a broader audience, Ashley joined Michelle as a therapist at Clay Community Counseling. In her role, she provides virtual therapy services, drawing from her rich background to offer comprehensive support to her patients. Ashley’s holistic approach reflects her dedication to creating positive change in the lives of those she serves. To make an appointment with Ashley, call 904-801-5800

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