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Signs that Your Drinking May Be a Problem

Signs That Your Drinking May Be a Problem

Make a note of the statements that apply to you:

-You often drink more alcohol than you intend to.

-You black out or don’t remember what happened when you were drinking alcohol.

-Your friends or family complain that you drink too much alcohol or drink alcohol too often.

-You become angry or rude when you drink alcohol.

-You get the shakes when you try to stop drinking alcohol.

-You often do things while drinking alcohol that you regret later.

-You sometimes drink alcohol and drive at a level of unsafe intoxication.

-You have gotten arrested related to your drinking.

-You have gotten into bar fights.

-Your drinking has caused problems in your relationships.

-You have been too hung over to carry out work, school, social, or home life obligations.

-You have gotten a DUI or a DWI.

-You drink alcohol until you pass out.

-Your hands shake when you’re not drinking.

-You often vomit the day after you drink.

-You have trouble falling asleep at night when you do not drink alcohol.

-You can not remember the last time you went more than a day without a drink.

If any of these statements apply to you, your drinking may be a problem. Some people who experience problematic drinking can stop on their own; others may need help. Clay Community Counseling can help. Call (904) 801-5800 or email to schedule an appointment today.

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