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Book Review. 08/17/2019

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Book Review: “In the Valley of the Shadows of Success: From Leaning in to Kneeling Down- Women are More Precious than Rubies” by Marilyn Ehrhardt

Rating: 5 out of 5

About the Author: Marilyn Ehrhardt was an immigrant girl from Communist Cuba who moved to the U.S. as a Cuban Refugee not speaking a word of English and with her dedication and hard work became a top executive in two of the most important technology companies of her time. She is an entrepreneur and has owned her business for over a decade now. As a Management Consultant she has led Fortune 500 companies and startup companies around the world into successful business ventures and outcomes. She has been a key note speaker in numerous college events and business conferences. She is a strategist and an executive mentor leading Ideation Sessions to actionable paths to success. Her passion is Consumer Empowerment in the Healthcare Industry.

My take on the book: In my own professional career as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I have come across several female clients of all ages who feel overwhelmed and/or lost in the chaos of life. These women often want to make positive changes, but the problem is that, “It is very uncomfortable to make changes. It is easier to continue doing things the old way even though the long term consequences might be disastrous for us” (Ehrhardt, 2017). So the questions becomes, how can women overcome this? The answer, join The Lean In Movement. This book is a great tool that women can use for guidance and it discusses what it means to be part of the Lean In Movement. The book equips women with the tools needed for the “Backpack of Success” such as hard work, learning, and perseverance. The book further equips women with self-worth and empowers them to understand that “It is okay to be different as long as you’re different in a positive way”. It is also “okay to make mistakes along the way as long as you get back on the path headed to your heart’s destination”. In addition to helping women understand how to overcome barriers and equipping them with tools, Marylin Ehrhardt also helps to simplify life’s complicated choices with the advice of keeping the end game in mind. This book is jam-packed with helpful information, simple action steps, help with making big decisions, and guidance through out this journey called life. As a Licensed Mental Health Professional, I highly recommend that every woman own a copy of this book on her shelf.

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