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Tips for Student Success

As the new school year is moving right along, here are some tips for success for your children:

1.) Get adequate sleep at night. Adequate sleep is necessary for productive learning. If your child is tired and falling asleep in class, your child will not learn. If your child is one who has difficulty falling asleep at night, try to make sure they are winding down prior to going to sleep. Make a “no electronics rule” past a certain time so your child does not stay up playing on their electronics all night.

2.) Get organized. This may look different from child to child. Whether your child prefers to use agendas, color coding, or a different notebook for each class, there needs to be some system of organization to help the child keep up with all of the school work.

3.) Break big tasks into smaller ones. Larger projects, such as a science fair, can be broken down into several steps that lead up to the final product by the due date. This may require some help from the parent to plan.

4.) Create an environment that is conducive for studying. A student who is studying with the television on may be distracted. Help your student to find a quiet room to do homework. Some children work best with classical music playing in the background as it can be stimulating to the child.

5.) Manage your thoughts and emotions. If a child has a defeated attitude that he is not going to do well because he has not done well in past years, than he is less likely to do well. If a child is depressed, he or she may have trouble concentrating. Thoughts and emotions needs to be managed appropriately. If the thoughts and emotions are too severe for the child to manage on their own, the child may need some additional help. Counseling is a good avenue for this as the counselor can assist the child in managing his or her thoughts and emotions.

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